Cooking Appliance Installation & Repair Specialists.


There are rules & regulations that state who is qualified and how gas & electrical appliances should be installed.
Your user manual also explains how your appliance should be installed.
If your appliance is not installed correctly and results in damage or loss to life or property, the implications can be huge.
In addition
Insurance companies many not cover you.
Manufacturers may void your warranty.
Manufacturers engineers may refuse to work on your appliance.
Your appliance may not work correctly or be safe.


Your user manual will contain a section with installation instructions
These will cover ventilation requirements, clearance zones, gas rates, electrical connections, commissioning plus a lot more


It is a requirement by law that once the installer fits your appliance it must be commisioned
Details of the checks done for the commissioning are detailed below


We specialise in cooking appliances.
As experienced field engineers and ex manufacturer engineers we often see the installation instructions ignored due to either complacency of experienced fitters or incompetency from others.
In some cases we see installations that are outright illegal and unsafe.
Installers are often not aware of the mistakes they make because once installed they never go back to them.
We have the advantage of experience here and do not make these same mistakes.


  • Installed by GasSafe engineer
  • Meet current regulations
  • Adhere to manufacturers instructions
  • Have an isolation tap
  • Have installation instructions
  • Have a data badge attached to them
  • Be commisioned
  • Room must have openable window or door to outside air


  • Check it is gas sound
  • Check Working Pressure
  • Check Gas rates
  • Check operation of safety devices
  • Check bypass rates of thermostats
  • Check ventilation requirements
  • Instruct user on use


  • Iinstalled in a Bathroom or shower room
  • Installed in a bed-sitting room if volume less than 20m³
  • Installed in a room of less than 10m³ without additional fixed ventilation
  • Installed below ground level (If LPG)